Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

I am loving my new Accent! Friendly service and excellent prices. After going to other dealerships, I decided to return to Hallmark Hyundai because they were the most personable and upfront with pricing, warranties, and fees. I would recommend Hallmark Hyundai as a great place to buy a car!

Savannah Keef
I have browsed this store off and on throughout the last few years. Every time I come to check out the newest cars on the lot, everyone is super friendly and helpful. I love going to a store where they actually treat me like a person and not a sale. I have never been pressure to buy a car that day and they are more than helpful either way. If you want an A+ experience, this is the place to go...not the mention HYUNDAI'S ARE FREAKING AWESOME.

Toby Lewis

This was the easiest experience I have ever had when purchasing a vehicle from a dealership. The staff was not just courteous, but very friendly and personable. The facility was clean and well taken care of. Their prices were better than any I could find in my hometown. But the most surprising, and the nicest, part of my experience was the sales team, specifically, Marcelo Defreitas. My first visit there, I was a little pressed for time and really just wanted to look at one car in particular. Marcelo accompanied me on my test drive, explaining the different features, functions, and the warranty of the car as we drove. By riding with me and answering all my questions at the same time, Marcelo really saved me a lot of time. When we returned to the dealership, Marcelo told me I could take the car with me, check it out a little bit more, see how it performed on the interstate, etc. He did not try to delay me in any way and was extremely considerate of the fact that I had to get back to work. I did take the car with me as he offered. He did not call me throughout the day to see how I liked the car, or what time I would be coming back with the car, or for any other reasons. As a matter of fact, I called him later in the evening to let him know I was on my way back, and he told me not to rush and that if I didn't make it back until the following day, then that was perfectly fine! Wow! He didn't try to oversell the vechicle. He didn't pin me down and try to pressure me into a sale. He just let me know he was there to answer any questions I might have and that he would help me in any way that he could. I really appreciated the fact that he wasn't into high pressure selling, as that is a definite turn off for me. (And for most people I know!) Overall, the staff was great, the facility was very attractive, but Marcelo Defreitas is THE #1 reason why I will definitely return to Hallmark Hyundai for any and all of my future vehicle purchases! P.S. The fact that Marcelo is a strong Christian with a desire to share his faith and his life blessings with his customers is just one more thing to apprecitate about him!!


Cathy Fleming

I cant express how grateful I am for the service department at Hallmark. The day after Christmas my car wouldn't start and I needed to get to work. My insurance roadside assistance showed up after almost 2 hrs ( after a 5:30a call) in a personal vehicle and  couldn't jump start it,  and informed me it was the alternator. On a whim I called Hyundai to see if that sounded right (they are close to my home), and they said no, but we can drive over to your home and try to jump it ourselves. Which they did! And it started! They then drove it to the dealer, replaced the battery and drove it back home, all while I was at work. I couldn't be more grateful. They were beyond professional and accommodating, and by the way I'll be giving my insurance roadside assistance 0 stars .


Chris K.

After a car accident, I was in need of a new car but didn't have too much money to spend.  I first went by Beaman Toyota just to look at options and get an idea on pricing.  Even though I told them I wasn't interested in buying that day, they were incredibly pushy and made me feel very uncomfortable.  That was a horrible experience.  Working with Eron and the guys at Hallmark Hyundai was the complete opposite.  They understood and respected that I was initially "just looking" and were more concerned about taking care of me than of selling a car.  Eron kept me updated on what he had in my price range that fit my criteria with emails, phone calls and even text messages - although, he didn't bombard me. I was in a very different situation - I wasn't looking for a car out of want, it was out of necessity.  And with a baby on the way, I didn't have too much money to throw around.  Eron and the guys at Hallmark not only understood my situation, but treated me with respect and let me set the timeline on buying NEVER pressuring me into signing anything or purchasing before I was comfortable.  They don't work off of commission, so they're main focus is working with and pleasing the customer - not selling as many cars as possible.  If you want the cheesy car salesman who says, "What can I do to get you in this car today?!", go somewhere else.  If you want to be treated with respect and have someone actually care about your wants and needs, go to Hallmark Hyundai!


Amber Y.

To the team. Meeting you all was the greatest car buying experience ever. Victor and marcelo you rock. Wes it was great meeting you. I'm telling everybody out there this is the place to go if you're in need of a car. Absolutely no pressure at all. I was not bombarded with phone calls. The only call I got was from Shelby asking how the service was. I talked Shelby ear off. I love love love my tucson. All future cars will be bought there. No more looking around for the best bargain.. it's right here!!! I'm telling everybody about you all. You are a fantastic team. Thank you so much. Hugs to you all. 


Christine Kosto


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